Are you serious!!! That’s soo unfair and not true!!

Image    Why do college textbooks cost so much? According to Ethan Trex author of “Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?,” textbooks are expensive because publishing a college textbook full of graphs, charts, illustrations, cost more than just a simple $10 Nicholas Sparks novel. That’s outrageous!! Publishers are you really going to charge college students for every single “.”?  That’s unfair; a majority of us college students are not dependent of our parents for money and can’t afford to pay $100- $200 for books.

They are simple out to get our money! Ethan Trex mentions that since professors choose the textbook, students don’t really have a say in what texts to pick. Although that is correct, professors need to be a bit more lenient with their students. I meant if you know you’re not going to use the textbook and only some articles, why not just scan and upload them as PDFs?  I believe publishers purposely target and market to professors. In “Why Do College Books Cost So Much?” Allen Grove mentions that, publishers make no money when used books are sold instead of new ones. That must be the reason why when we try selling our books to BookHolders they offer us less than what we bought them for! Publishers are smart, and make new editions every year, making the professor change the textbook. Meaning we’re busted and have to buy a new book. We can no longer use our friend’s book from last semester because it’s no longer “good.” That’s crazy, publishers change like one sentence in the old edition and add a couple of sentences here and we college students have to pay! Publishers are the ones adding the extra stuff to the pages, why not have them pay it!

It’s absurd!! Ethan Trex mentions in his article that “…many students aren’t all that price sensitive…” that’s false! Not all college students depend on mommy and daddy for money. As a working college student, it hurts my pocket every time I see those three-digit book prices. Not only that, but to know that you’re giving up your break to work just to pay off a simple “.”or new edition makes college textbook prices unfair. Publishers should be the ones paying a majority of these book cost and not the students. We didn’t tell you to publish the book with so many colors and pretty pictures!


Typical parent-college student conversation about money for textbooks!






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