Professors!!! Guilty or Not??

“Thanks Einstein!!”

Thanks EinsteinNow I know that at least one of us has had a professor like Einstein here! I know I have; just this semester a professor stated a “required textbook” on the syllabus that I haven’t opened! Mind you the semester is almost over. Like this comic, there are many professors that say they will lecture on the material in the books but instead us other methods such as uploading articles.

So, why require us to buy textbooks that professors don’t use? Why not make life more simply and provide the students with the readings online? Everyone owns a computer and those who don’t have easy access to one.

This week we want to provide sources that really point out the roles of the professors with college textbooks and show that although some do us the college system to introduce their own material, a few are faithful and know the struggle that college students go through to buy a simple book.

Should Professors Have to Think About Textbook Prices?

By: Courtney Buell

Summary: This blogger knows her stuff! Courtney Buell goes to talk about professors role in the textbook market. She argues that professors are really the ones “calling the shots” when it comes to selecting the course textbook. This blog goes into explaining legislation changes that now require professors to look at prices and ways that can help their students buy cheaper books.

Why this source is important: The writer of this blog is a college student like the rest of us. This source is able to provide rules and legislations that are pushing for a stop in the increasing prices of textbooks. It also points us to a possible solution that we can encourage our college professors to do.

What to do with this source: This blog written by a Maryland college advisor and copywriter gives us a hope for a solution to the problem. We just need to keep pushing that this is an issue that needs a real solution!!


Are College Textbooks Priced Fairly?

By: Robert Carbaugh and Koushik Ghosh

Summary: This article was written to discuss the economics of textbooks. It talks about the strategies used to market textbooks to particular audience, such as college professors. The authors touch on how some legislation is now being enforced to stop the increase in prices and even professors who are offering their help by communicating with publishers to lower their costs.

Why this source is important: This source focuses on the problems surrounding increase prices in textbooks. Whether its professors or simply the publishers it is important for us to learn about those we are up against. This source unravels the tactics that publishers use to advertise their material and how we can save ourselves from being their victims. Also, it provides a solution not only to the increase of textbooks in the United States but in other countries as well.

What to do with this source: Honestly, this source gives us the tools to destroy the textbook market! Well not to the max! Seriously, this source can be used to inform others about the way that the textbook market is created and how they come up with these absurd prices.

Don’t blame professors for high cost of textbooks

By: Marie Ann Donovan

Summary: This source talks to students through the lens of a professor. They address the problem of professors being blamed for the high prices of college textbooks, when in reality professors are a victim themselves. Because these publishers are raising the prices, they have to design the learning curriculum around the financial difficulties of their students.

Why this source is important: This article is important because it gives the view of the ones being accused. People are here pointing the finger at professor for choosing these expensive books. It’s good that this source shows the other side of the argument, making it balance.

What to do with this source:  This source can be used to prove that we are all being victims of the publisher mafia! With this source we can also lift a finger at accusing professors that have good hearts and want to teach their students the best. Although, I think they can do so, in a cheaper matter.

OVERALL…These sources are all important to our understanding of the rise in textbook prices. They help provide the background information that we need, but also help clear that it is not entirely all professors out to get us! These sources are important in showing that this movement against college textbook is working…lets keep going!!!


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