Sinking Down Textbook Prices

Now that you’ve read The Evil Twin, the Seed of Satan-Digital Textbooks  and It’s just not right… you’re probably wondering, well how do we lower the cost in textbooks? Well one possible solution to lowering the cost of textbooks is by renting them. According to Tywan Miller author of College Textbook-Rental Easy Affordable Alternative for Budget Conscious College Students! “On average, a student can save upwards of 50% of the cost of purchasing their books through college textbook rental.”

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If students move towards renting textbooks instead of buying them they will spend less money. Trust me as a college student I know the feeling when you’re running low on cash and can’t afford your books.  Last fall I was running tight on money for college books and decided to rent my textbooks and saved my self-hundreds of dollars. Also, according to Tamar Lewin, “rentals give both publishers and textbook authors a way to continue earning money from their books after the first sale, something they do not get from the sale of used textbooks.”  There are other methods that students can use to waste less money on textbooks.

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Another possible way to stop spending a lot of money on books is CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLE MAN! We live in the 21st century where technology and social media are our friends. Bernard is his article in the NY Times pushes college students to go on social media and search around campus for people willing to exchange books with you. This is cutting out the middle man, “the publishing companies” and preventing them from getting a hand on our savings. This means use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to your advantage. Search on Facebook for book groups that show available books and save money!

If you want to save money, avoid campus bookstores! They should be your last resource if you can’t find the book online. For better deals I personally use or where I can compare prices with other vendors to get the best deal for me. This may require that you register for classes at least three weeks in advance, in order to give your book time to come in the mail. Online book shopping does help lower cost. During my sophomore year at the University of Maryland I decided to buy all my textbooks, I know super dumb idea! Anyway, it helped me realize that books are overly expensive. So I looked on Amazon and saved a lot; that sophomore year I spent roughly around $700 in books. Shopping on Amazon I wasted $439 on books and after a certain amount you qualify for free shipping!! Even better!

There are other options out there for buying textbooks and maybe some of you were aware and maybe others weren’t. I hope you have benefited from this week’s post on how to save money on college textbooks using other methods; renting, online buying, or cutting out the middle man by searching on social media for possible book exchange!

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