About Us

textbook Our Mission

After shelving out tens of thousands of dollars for the semester, many college students are forced to scramble under the couch for monies to pay for textbooks. Often textbooks are expensive and sometimes are of very little use. Something must be done about this.

We are four college students  promoting an end to outrageous textbook costs. During the next few weeks we will be providing you with information about this topic. We will discuss and expose things like:

  • Ethics Behind Textbook Development 
  • Online Textbooks: The New Phenomena 
  • Sales Yields on Textbooks
  • What Measures We Can Take to Lower Textbook Costs

Meet Our Detectives:

4 University of Maryland, College Park Students Committed to Ending Outrageous Textbook Costs

Brittany Brown







Sesia Cruz







Jessica Guan


Brenna Metz





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