Meet Our Detectives – Brittany

Hey Everyone!  I am an English Education Major at the University of Maryland, College Park. I have been a Marylander my entire life and I take pride in my state. However, I also love to traveling to different cities!!!

My strongest brittanypassion is helping children and adolescents.  I’ve been working with young people for the last 6 years as a Youth Leader at Dominion International.

So why am I advocating for an end to expensive textbooks? I believe that there needs to be more regulation on the accessibility of academic material. I believe that education should be available for all. As a college student , I have watched all my hard earned summer cash from minimum wage jobs get spent to pay for TEXTBOOKS. The worst thing is that sometimes I never even use the textbook. What a waste of money!!!  What’s even more demeaning is when I go to sell the hundred dollar textbook and get pennies. Students need to stop being cheated and that’s why I have joined this cause!

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