Busted! – Our Final Post


Thanks for joining the Textbook Busters on our journey to expose the textbook market. By now, you should realize that the current state of textbooks is against the student. But with your help, not for long.

Thanks to those who read our blog posts or signed our petitions. We hope that you feel more empowered to stand against the textbook market. Awareness is so important!  Now that you know the secrets of the market, you will be able to avoid some of the common pitfalls like buying books directly from the bookstore or buying digital textbooks, etc. Now you know to persuade your professors to provide open source and used textbook options. We also hope to have made you aware of some of the myths within the market like most professors make a lot of money off of the textbooks they write.

If you are just discovering our blog here are some of our top posts. We hope that they interest you.

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Even though our blog is ending, we encourage each of you to become a Textbook Buster. Check for discount bookstores and websites like Slugbooks.com. We encourage you to share the tricks of the trade that you find with each other. While we have signed petitions and made our voices heard to lawmakers and publishers, change still needs to take place. This is just the beginning.. Don’t stop here…victory is in sight.

Sign off,

The Textbook Busters