Meet Our Detectives – Brittany

Hey Everyone!  I am an English Education Major at the University of Maryland, College Park. I have been a Marylander my entire life and I take pride in my state. However, I also love to traveling to different cities!!!

My strongest brittanypassion is helping children and adolescents.  I’ve been working with young people for the last 6 years as a Youth Leader at Dominion International.

So why am I advocating for an end to expensive textbooks? I believe that there needs to be more regulation on the accessibility of academic material. I believe that education should be available for all. As a college student , I have watched all my hard earned summer cash from minimum wage jobs get spent to pay for TEXTBOOKS. The worst thing is that sometimes I never even use the textbook. What a waste of money!!!  What’s even more demeaning is when I go to sell the hundred dollar textbook and get pennies. Students need to stop being cheated and that’s why I have joined this cause!

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Our Mission

Welcome to Textbook Busters!

After shelving out tens of thousands of dollars for the semester, many college students are forced to scramble under the couch for monies to pay for textbooks. Often textbooks are expensive and sometimes are of very little use. Something must be done about this.

We are four college students  promoting an end to outrageous textbook costs. During the next few weeks we will be providing you with information about this topic. We will discuss things like:


  •  Ethics Behind Textbook Development
  • Online Textbooks: The New Phenomena
  • Sales Yields on Textbooks
  • What Measures We Can Take to Lower Textbook Costs

You will hear our stories and we want to hear yours as well. We want to hear your voice so feel free to comment and interact with us.

– The Textbook Busters